Let's Get Organized

Hey friends!  I am obviously no mastermind at organizing and my motto for 2018 is pretty much #organizemylife but every once in awhile I impress myself with a little organization project so I thought I'd try to keep them all here for quick reference.  I hope it brings a little inspiration to you the same way other people did for me!  Just click the titles to take you to the post.

It may not be Pinterest perfection but I'm not a Pinterest Perfect blogger.  (Although, if I could be, that would be amazing.  But it's just not me.)

This little Pantry makeover is attainable for all us mere mortals whose pantries don't look like they could be photographed for HGTV.  ;)

Car Organizing

I really enjoyed this.  Your car is actually fairly quick and easy to organize and keep that way with just a few tips!  Plus, I got to use my gold confetti glitter zipper pouches to help me out and that will always make me happy.  ;)

Cleaning Up & Clearing Out Your Inbox

Part 2 (the follow-up and results!)

I am happy to say that I am a reformed email hoarder.  Click above to see how I cleared out over 21,000 emails in just a few days.

I did some healthy (but delicious) meal prep for the first time awhile back and blogged about it here.  It was actually kind of fun once I got the right containers.  Who knew!?

This book is LEGIT.  It will make you want to do #allthethings.  It will make you twitch with how much you want to do organize your life RIGHT. THIS. SECOND.

That's a good thing.  :)

Check out the rest of the post for a few other tips as well as my secret love for velour tracksuits. ;)

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